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Parents must agree with the decision, however, there are serious questions about how much pressure will be placed on parents and/or their children.In anticipation of the law’s passage, some Belgian parents, such as Professor Jutte van den Werff Ten Bosch, had already talked with a child, expressing support if the child should ever request euthanasia.…Since legalization in 2002, euthanasia has been “normalized”, with more and more cases of life-ending without request.“Another euthanasia scandal in Belgium” (Bioedge — February 6, 2016) Belgium’s euthanasia law allows people to request euthanasia if they have unbearable psychological suffering, Tine was diagnosed with autism.“Belgian GPs ‘killing patients who have not asked to die’: Report says thousands have been killed despite not asking their doctor” (Mail Online — June 11, 2015) Report author Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor of Hull University said: “The decision as to which life is no longer worth living is not in the hands of the patient but in the hands of the doctor.” “Shrinks Treat Suicide Wish with Euthanasia” (National Review — March 21, 2015) Now, a Belgian magazine has more details about the 50 or 60 mentally ill people euthanized by Belgian psychiatrists each year….Mentally ill people have great organs to be harvested!Young children will be allowed to end their lives with the help of a doctor in the world’s most radical extension of a euthanasia law.

Wim Distelmans, is organizing an instructional tour to Auschwitz, the Nazi extermination camp.

Current law regarding euthanasia 2014 law On February 13, 2014, Belgium legalized euthanasia by lethal injection for children.

By a vote of 86 to 44 with 12 abstentions, the lower house of Parliament approved the law which had previously been passed by the country’s Senate.

Benoit Beuselinck, described a surreal realisation he’s had when a woman requested euthanasia, but also wanted her little dog put down.

He realised ending her life would be uncontroversial, but that animal rights activists would probably prevent him putting the dog down.

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